DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos review

After doing a preview on the game earlier, we couldn’t wait to go hands on with the full version of DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos by Outright Games and PHL Collective. It’s out now for PCs and all major consoles – here’s our review of what’s one of our favorite Outright games yet.

What makes DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos stand out from other family friendly titles is that its developers have put a lot of effort into making sure it’s not just a game that ‘simplified’ to that younger gamers can enjoy it as well. The actual minute to minute gameplay might not be too taxing for more experienced players, but there is tons of fan service here – enough to make playing the game a joy even if you decide to play it without little ones around.

It’s still very accessible for younger players though, despite the subtle nods that only adults will appreciate and its sandbox-like structure. The visual presentation of the game is very cute and cartoon-like – which is a nice change of pace from all the dark and brooding DC movies we’ve seen. Most of the recent Batman films have been far from appropriate for little ones, so this is a good intro to the caped crusader for them.

cosmic chaos2

There’s a lot of high quality dialogue from top notch voice actors in the game to bring everything to life and give it that extra bit of charm, and while it’ll just bring everything to life more for younger players it’s also a way through which the developers delivers tons of DC history to longtime fans – a history that extends well beyond the three core protagonists of this game: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

You can switch between the three heroes at any time, which is especially fun during a busy combat scene where it almost feels like you’re unleashing a bit of tag team action while you keep a combo going. Antagonist Mister Mxyzptlk (yeah, not the kid-friendliest name out there, but they poke fun at the name in-game as well) will send plenty of bad guys your way, and combat is generally fun even though for obvious reasons it’s not as deep as what you’ll find in other brawlers.

The open world setting of Happy Harbor makes the game a lot less linear than other action adventures we’ve seen for kids, featuring a ton of optional content as well – ranging from characters to engage with to missions and dungeons you can either skip or explore. You can even jump into vehicles and explore the town that way, which is fun. There’s a good amount of story content as well, with a surprisingly lengthy story campaign that took us almost twelve hours to complete.

cosmic chaos3

Adding a bit of RPG flavor into the mix, playing will also upgrade your characters and give them new abilities. At the same time, DC fans will also notice the chance to unlock additional costumes that are often throwbacks to certain eras and/or comic books. It’s the kind of thing a kid will be happy to unlock, but the parent will nod in approval as it’s a nostalgia-filled moment for them as a fan.

Having said that, it’s a shame that you can’t play the game in local co-op – the LEGO games have shown that it’s possible and it would have been an absolute blast here as well. There’s a freeform co-op mode as well, but it doesn’t have the appeal that the single player campaign does. It’s very hard to fault the game outside of that issue, but with so many family friendly games being so much fun to play together with a little one it’s a shame that one of the best games in the genre doesn’t offer that option for its campaign. Still, this is a great intro for the DC universe in a household with young ones.

Score: 8.0/10

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