Port roundup: Undungeon, 41 Hours, Sophstar, Pnevmo-Capsula & God Damn The Garden

The indie scene isn’t just full of original new concepts, it’s also a great environment for games that make the jump to other platforms. Today we’ve checking out five (!) games that initially appeared on PC but have made the jump to console platforms. Here’s a look at Undungeon, 41 Hours, Sophstar, Pnevmo-Capsula and God Damn The Garden. Continue reading “Port roundup: Undungeon, 41 Hours, Sophstar, Pnevmo-Capsula & God Damn The Garden”

Emerging Trends In The Changing Gaming Market

Every year, there are new games and franchises released to keep players entertained, excited, and, most importantly, spending money. Over the last two years, some of these games have included Elden Ring, Deathloop, The Last of Us Part II, and Resident Evil Village. Yet, ensuring that these games are a commercial success can be difficult since the games people want, or what they want to get out of them, changes annually. For instance, before 2008, indie games lacked visibility within the worldwide video game market. However, now, this genre sees heavy traffic due to platforms like Steam allowing indie producers to distribute their games. Continue reading “Emerging Trends In The Changing Gaming Market”

Wonder Boy Returns Remix goes physical with Limited Editions (Switch)

It’s always nice to see a genuine classic return and even become available for collectors’ game shelves – here’s the lowdown on a new Wonder Boy release:

Wonder Boy Returns Remix will soon get a special limited release! Strictly Limited Games is happy to announce the pre-order start of the Limited and the Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch) for March 20th. The game together with some special physical collectibles will be available at the Strictly Limited Games Store. Continue reading “Wonder Boy Returns Remix goes physical with Limited Editions (Switch)”