Ghost Recon Wildlands: Fallen Ghosts review (PC)

Back when we played and reviewed the Wildlands expansion Narco Road, we were hoping that the next big content update would be more in sync with the base game. Fallen Ghosts is now here, so let’s find out if it is.

One of our main gripes with Narco Road was how detached it seemed from what we had played before, with its ‘extreme/in your face’ approach that made it feel way too “Saint’s Row” like for the game that Wildlands is supposed to be. I’m exaggerating (though only a little), but many gamers felt the same about Narco Road and it didn’t resonate too well with the community. Fallen Ghosts, in that regard, does a lot of things very well.

fallen ghosts2

Fallen Ghosts is a direct continuation of the story in the base game, even though you start out with a new character and face off against a few new enemies with a small selection of brand new weapons. The new enemy types in particular are interesting, because they bring a new set of skills to the table that will require new solutions. Some of the new enemies specialize in working covertly, and can take you out if you’re not careful. Others focus on anti-infiltration technology, and can jam your equipment – ranging from your night/thermal vision goggles all the way to your drone.

Not all of the new enemies are quite that imaginative though, as some are just upgraded (elite) versions of the guys you faced before. They’re tougher, and for this reason the level cap was increased to 35 for Fallen Ghosts (you start at 30 with a new character). In addition, you can also unlock new skills to go along with your upgrade path – but even with those I felt that Fallen Ghost presented me with more of a challenge than the original game did.

fallen ghosts3

The Fallen Ghosts campaign is definitely what I was hoping for when Ubisoft announced extra content for the game, though it’s also a relatively short experience. It has about 15 missions for you to complete, but some of these are basic objectives that are easy to complete in mere minutes. Still, as part of the season pack this is probably my favorite piece of new content so far – it’s fun to play, it’s challenging, and it brings new tricks and challenges to the table. If Narco Road didn’t sound appealing to you then you can also pick up Fallen Ghosts by itself and save yourself some money that way.

Short story: if you liked Wildland and were hoping for more of the same, but with new additions and a few creative enemy types, then you’ll want to check out Fallen Ghosts.


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