Cities: Skylines – Snowfall impressions (PS4)

When Cities: Skylines hit the Playstation 4, it was only a matter of time before some of the DLC that’s available for the PC version was going to become available. Now, the Snowfall expansion is out, allowing console owners to craft winter wonderlands out of their virtual cities.

Of course, the original Skylines release wasn’t completely without DLC, as the After Dark expansion was bundled with the launch package. As is often the case with DLC for Cities: Skylines, its content is so well merged with the rest of the package that first time players might not even have noticed it as being extra content. But as every DLC release on the PC has done, it’s a game-changer for existing players.

The arrival of snow has a serious impact on the mobility of your citizens and their demands for basic utilities like heat, but it also offers fun new possibilities for recreation and a bit of a festive touch. This is especially welcome now that Snowfall is being released for PS4 in late November, as the original PC release came a little too late back in February.

If you got the Cities: Skylines bug after playing the base version already (which we reviewed here), then you’ll definitely enjoy investing dozens of extra hours into the Snowfall expansion. For a more detailed look at the expansion, you can also read our review of the original PC version of the extra content. As we mentioned during our review of the PS4 version, the controls work well on a gamepad and Snowfall doesn’t suddenly break that. Performance was smooth as well, even with bigger cities – though I have to add a disclaimer by mentioning that we tested on a Playstation 4 Pro.

skylines snowfall

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