Awkward review (PS4)

From the development team at Snap Finger Click, who previously gave us It’s Quiz Time, comes Awkward – a trivia game that’s different than all the others. Find out how in our review – for which we used the PS4 version. The game’s also available on Steam and Xbox One – just be sure you play on a system where you can engage in some old fashioned couch multiplayer action.

Snap Finger Click’s previous titles were Act it Out! (A Game of Charades) and It’s Quiz Time, and Awkward more or less falls into the same realm. It’s a quiz game of sorts, but with the potential to turn your living room into a scene of laughter and/or heated arguments at the same time. It’s a dynamic that previously was the domain of the Jackbox games, most easily found in their party packs.

And that’s no surprise, because Snap Finger Click hired some of the talent from that group of people to write material for Awkward as well. And to fall in line with the game’s title, a lot of that writing has to have an “I’m not sure I want to answer this”-sense to it. Awkward is a “how well do you know the other player?” kind of quiz, and compiles its set of questions based on the relationship between the players that you submit before you start – playing with your wife gives you different questions than playing with a friend does.


The experience that follows is shown amazingly well in the trailers for Awkward, so I definitely recommend watching them. You both answer the same (somewhat or extremely controversial) question without the other one seeing the answer – and then the answers are revealed. Depending on how well you know someone, this will result in an “oh yeah, I knew it” kind of reaction, or it might be a “whaaaaaat?!?” where the actual videogame is paused for a bit so people can explain their answers.

Part game, part social experiment, this is a great way to spend an hour or two with a friend or loved one. Sure, it could be card-based (and the developers explain that a long time ago, it was) as well, but I’d say it’s a better and more social use of the TV than having it stream yet another Netflix episode. Imagine revealing what part about your partner you (dis)like the most…. and then watch the snacks fly across the couch before you get a chance to explain yourself. It’s all meant in good fun, but be sure to bring a good mood to your game before you start 😉


You can expand the number of players to six and play in teams as well. There’s a single player option as well, but Awkward loses a lot of its appeal that way. You can still measure your answers up to a global database, but it’s not very “awkward” to do so. Another way to play is by streaming your game live and having viewers interact by guessing answers, for which they also get scored and placed on the leaderboard.

Awkward is great at what it does, and my only real criticism would be the price tag attached. It’s about half of what a Jackbox Party Pack costs, but those contain about five games each. Awkward can stand up there with the best of them though, so if those are games you enjoy then you’ll want to try this one out as well.

Score: 7.8/10

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