Chained: A Victorian Nightmare impressions (Oculus)

Coming from MWM Interactive, Chained: A Victorian Nightmare blends the worlds of VR gaming and interactive theater in an experience we were recently able to try out on an Oculus Rift setup.

The experience is also available for Steam-based headsets, but used to be a location-based affair only available in a select few venues. In a fun way, this release reminded me of the classic videogame arcade days, where I’d eagerly anticipate the home conversion of a game I was otherwise unlikely to come across (not living near a big enough or regularly updating arcade).

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is a dark retelling of the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” and was released just ahead of the holidays. Horror-themed, it’s a lot less family-friendly than the original story the way we’re seen it in movies, animations and theater productions. It sticks with the familiar theme of showing the past, present and future though, and the game’s visuals do a good job of depicting a dark Victorian time.


This isn’t a game-experience in the traditional sense though, and something more akin to the Kitchen demo that was made for Resident Evil 7. There’s little in the way of interactivity here, but the story that is told does take about half an hour, so you’re getting good value for money out of it and you don’t need to be an experienced VR-adept to enjoy it either.

We got it a little too late to enjoy it over the holidays, but this is certainly an interesting take on a classic story worth sharing. I know I’ll be re-installing this come the holidays this year!


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