Focus Home unleashes The Kraken (in The Surge 2)

Focus Home Interactive has released “The Kraken”, the first story expansion for The Surge 2. What does it add?

The Surge 2 was released back in September and we really enjoyed Deck13’s sequel. There have been other DLC releases since then, but because they were all themed around new weapons we had been looking forward to The Kraken for a while now.

In the new expansion, you travel to the outer parts of Jericho City to access the VBS Krakow, an aircraft carrier. You can’t get to the Krakow until later in the game, but it helps to have a bit of experience before you tackle the challenges the ship brings anyway. The Kraken doesn’t go “full mythological sea monster” on you, but it does offer up a selection of new ways to equip for battle and a cool new boss to fight.

surge 2 - kraken

The short version of it all is that The Kraken expansion is more of The Surge 2 for those who enjoyed the base game, because despite the new setting and narrative it doesn’t change the core dynamics of the game. On the other hand, if you enjoyed switching out your loadouts and experimenting with gear then the expansion caters to that perfectly by letting you do it in new ways.

The new story campaign is on the short side though, because although “hours of narrative-driven content” were promised I wrapped up the story in just over two hours and I wasn’t exactly on a speedrun either. That’s something to keep in mind when buying this expansion, but if you’re a fan of The Surge 2 then you’re probably getting this for free in your season pass anyway – and for fans, this is just more of a good thing. I just wish there was more.

surge 2 - kraken3

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