Release roundup – Kill it With Fire, Griefhelm, Willy Morgan & Comanche

Another quick survey of what’s coming out, what’s being developed and what’s releasing in the nearby future reveals a quartet of titles we’re including in this week’s release roundup. Join us as we take a look at Kill It With Fire, Griefhelm, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town and Comanche.

Kill It With Fire is out now (August 13)

Developed by Casey Donnellan Games and published by tinyBuild, Kill It With Fire looks like it’s a hilarious take on that very special request that many spouses and parents regularly get: “Can you kill that spider for me, please?”.

kill it with fire

In it, you’re looking for arachnids and killing them by any means possible – and we do mean that you need to think beyond a regular fly swatter here. You can toss books at them, and although that’s somewhat grounded in reality, you can also up the stakes by launching a flamethrower at them or even full on explosives.

As expected, a lot of the fun comes from the destruction you cause by using all these excessive measures, which are all used from a first person perspective. This makes Kill It With Fire a great candidate for a VR mode, which the developer has already mentioned he might be looking into post-release. Check out the game now on Steam.

Griefhelm releases August 20th

Griefhelm isn’t due out until next week, but we can’t wait. The footage that has been released so far looks incredible, with stylish visuals, excellent animations and some brilliant lighting effects. Described as a “challenging tactical medieval dueling game with a lethal edge”, it features a campaign with a branching narrative and support for cooperative multiplayer gaming. In addition, up to eight players can play competitively against one another as well.


We took a quick peek at a pre-release version of the game and were glad to see that it features an in-depth and interactive tutorial that helps teach you the ropes. The gloriously elegant carnage you see in the trailer doesn’t just come from button mashing, but rather an intricate control system that gives players a learning curve but ensures a feeling a deep satisfaction once you start pulling of combinations and ‘heat of the moment’ counters and attacks.

Despite the hot summer days and vacation plans, we sure hope we can squeeze in more Griefhelm when it releases next week. Check for yourself why we’re excited about it by checking the store page on Steam.


Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town released

This title may sound familiar, since we previewed it a few weeks ago. Now, the full game has been released on Steam for old school adventure fans to enjoy as well. It’s being released at a very pleasant price point on Steam as well, which also helps justify the game’s somewhat short running time.

Having played through the majority of the storyline earlier already, we were mostly eager to see how the various gaps in content were filled in for the final version. For example, the voiceovers stopped working past a certain point in the preview build, and not all the animations were there, to name two examples.

willy morgan

It’s amazing to see how much the developers were able to add in such a short timeframe, because not only is the game content-complete now, everything also feels more polished. As a result, Willy Morgan is one of the most worthwhile adventure game throwbacks in recent years. We enjoy the modernized takes on the genre by Telltale and Dontnod a lot as well, but Willy Morgan certainly has the nostalgia factor working for it. Check it out at the store page.

willy morgan2

Huge update for THQ’s Comanche

In recent years, the THQ brand has grown quite a bit thanks to a few acquisitions on brands, studios and franchises. It’s allowed them to bring back beloved titles like Desperados and Destroy All Humans, but PC veterans have no doubt been looking forward to what they’d do with the NovaLogic brand – known for their successful Delta Force and Comanche videogames.

Comanche is the first title from the NovaLogic portfolio that is making a comeback, close to twenty years after the last game in the series. It’s been out on Steam’s Early Access platform since March, and just last week received a major update, addressing a lot of player feedback they’ve gathered since the initial launch.


Included now is more content for the single player campaign as well as enhanced control options – now giving players the choice between more arcade-like (or console-like) controls and a more sim-oriented option. For those who prefer the latter, the new update also features improved support for HOTAS flightsticks. Both controller supports and single player content will continue to be worked on after this update as well, and it’s great to see developers addressing community feedback like this.

In line with the most arcade-oriented control option, the new update now also features a 3rd person perspective for the camera, which might make things a bit less immersive but gives you a wider overview of the action that’s going on.


We got the opportunity to dive into the current build and although we’ll reserve judgment for when the full game is out, we absolutely loved commanding our Comanche helicopter using a Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Hotas stick. It’s mostly used for Elite Dangerous and very few games are a natural fit for it, but with a bit of tweaking Comanche is a great experience with it. Let’s hope the devs will streamline controller support more over the next few months, so the game gets a lively online community going and revitalizes a classic PC franchise. If you can’t wait and want to jump into the Early Access version, it’s on Steam right now.

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