Press Play’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s a staple of the season, but we’ve also been discussing what we believe to be some of the top gift ideas for the holidays. Here are six of our top choices, and why we picked them.

LEGO Ideas: Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night

Who doesn’t love LEGO? And although there’s a wealth of options out there, we thought that The Starry Night was pretty special when we reviewed it. A cross-over between the world of art and the brick-building of the LEGO brand, this one is definitely more geared towards adults but it’s the best chance a LEGO fanatic has to get a set put on display in the living room. With its 3D rendition of Van Gogh’s famous work, this’ll surely draw some holiday visitors towards wherever you put it up.


The Adventures of Robin Hood

Board games are always a great option during the holidays, and it’s also a good time for family-friendly stories. The Adventures of Robin Hood brings both worlds together in a board game rendition of the famous story that has a heavy emphasis on a well-written narrative. If it’s cold outside, you can go adventuring together at the table after you clear the dinner.

Westworld S1-S4 Box Set (4K)

Judging by the amount of Christmas movies that gets released every year, people expect you to spend plenty of time in front of the TV during the holidays. And if you have the time, we’d recommend checking out the recently released box set of Westworld’s four seasons. The show was canceled last month in a shock announcement, but it’s a fantastic watch nonetheless, with some great performances and an audiovisual style that benefits greatly from the 4K/Atmos treatment.

LEGO City Stuntz: Double Loop Stunt Arena

Our second LEGO entry in this list, but LEGO City Stuntz: Double Loop Stunt Arena clearly has a very different target group. If you have young ones in the house this holiday season, then this is a set that be built relatively quickly but also offers tons of post-build fun with its wind-up motorcycles that you can have attempt the stunts included in the box, which can also be combined and/or expanded upon with stunts of your making.

Force of Elements 2

EscapeWelt’s Force of Elements review

Offering some of the most stunning escape room/puzzle box hybrids we’ve ever seen, EscapeWelt’s Force of Elements collection features a set of themed puzzles that’s as challenging and fun to complete as they are gorgeous to put on display. Featuring a new colored plexiglass look and feel for some of their most successful puzzles to date, this makes for a fantastic gift if you have a puzzle lover in the family.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 40th Anniversary (4K)

We’ve already referenced the plethora of Christmas movies that come out each year, but if you’re looking for something heartwarming that appeals to the whole family then we’d suggest skipping Hallmark’s collection of somewhat generic Christmas movies this year and going for the 40th Anniversary edition of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial instead. It’s lovely in 4K, features a host of interesting special features and is as impactful today as it was back in 1982.

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