SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell review (PC)

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is a unique blend of games like Doom, Mirror’s Edge, Portal and Super Meat Boy. Time for a quick review.

Visually, SEUM most closely resembles a 90s shooter like Quake 3. If you’re a graphics fanatic, then that might turn you off – but SEUM is all about content instead. It’s a “first person get from A to B as fast as you can” game, with a ton of twists in the gameplay to keep things interesting. At first, things are relatively easy and the game just gets you used to a bit of first person running and jumping. Precision and speed are still important if you have your eyes on the leaderboards, but things really get interesting once SEUM starts to introduce new elements to the gameplay.


Before long, you can create your own platforms to walk on or to block oncoming dangers, and you’ll be teleporting as if you’re playing Portal on overdrive. There’s a point when all these elements can feel overwhelming, but the game does a decent job at explaining new mechanics and then letting you play around with them very explicitly before they’re thrown into the big mix of options you’ll end up having in the later stages of the game.

Aside from special powers and skills, you can also gain quite a bit of ground on other players and goal times by exploring the levels and looking for shortcuts. Take all that together and factor in that this game has about 100 levels, and you’re looking at a lot of content and replay value. There’s a crazy story in there somewhere about a trucker who has to travel through layers of hell, but you’re more than likely to just forget about that while you’re playing and focusing on the scores/times you’re trying to beat.


You don’t have to be an expert speedrunner to enjoy SEUM. The online leaderboards have times on there that mere mortals like me are unlikely to ever get close to, but there’s plenty of fun and challenge in just beating the times set for you by the developers – as long as you’re competitive in that sense, SEUM remains a lot of fun to play.

It’s a simple enough formula, but with plenty of diversity to stay fun. The heavy metal music style wasn’t my personal cup of tea, but I suppose that’s a matter of taste. Level design in SEUM isn’t up to the level of something like Portal or Super Meat Boy, but there is plenty of content here to make up for that. If a combination of the games we mentioned in our intro sounds intriguing to you, then you’ll enjoy SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell. It’s not perfect or supremely polished, but it’s unique and a lot of fun to play.

Score: 7.5/10

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