Senran Kagura Estival Versus review (PC)

Another former PS4/Vita exclusive comes to PC owners in the shape of Senran Kagura Estival Versus. Several other Senran Kagura games already made their way onto Steam, so let’s see how this one turned out.

As with other Senran Kagura titles, the adult theme is hard to miss. Much more so than in games like Dead or Alive, the female form is front and center here, with ladies frequently suffering from wardrobe malfunctions in the middle of all the action. Looking past that, there is actually a solid brawler here, and fans of games like Dynasty Warriors are sure to enjoy the game as long as they can look past the exterior – and of course they’ll especially enjoy it if that’s part of the charm for them.

The PC version of Estival Versus is identical to the Playstation 4 version, with the exception that a lot more (paid) DLC seems to be available in the Steam store when compared to what’s there in the PSN store. For a detailed description of the game itself, I’m going to refer to our earlier review of the Playstation versions, and we’ll focus on the quality of the conversion here instead.

estival versus2

As is regularly the case with PC versions of console games, technical issues come up due to the complex nature of PCs and their myriad of possible videocards, CPUs and whatnot – or rather the lack of attention that this can get during the porting process. Senran Kagura Estival Versus is no exception, and the conversion definitely isn’t a flawless one.

We ran into a few minor problems with settings for controls and sound not being saved, but workarounds exist if you look at the steam discussion boards. The same goes for upscaling the game’s resolution when in full screen and a few crashes that people are experiencing. These are all issues that should have come up during the playtesting phase, and it’s unfortunate to see them in a final product like this.

That being said, the issues seem easy to fix and workarounds already exist. The game itself is still enjoyable and well worth grabbing if you’re interested in the Senran Kagura brand. Again, for more detail on the game itself we recommend reading our Playstation 4/Vita review.

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