Control – The Foundation DLC review (PS4)

Remedy’s Control was one of 2019’s best and most memorable games, and publisher 505 Games has just released the first major expansion for the game – dubbed The Foundation, it was a chance to dive back into this game that we couldn’t pass up.

Part of the appeal of Control was that it, especially for a new IP, offered up a captivating and original game world. With a ton of mystery and intrigue to drive matters forward (or in other unexpected directions), it was a universe that lends itself very well to expansions. Perhaps one day we’ll see a sequel, but the base game is getting two major DLC addons first.

The Foundation’s title has a double meaning, as you both travel into the bowels of the building and go back in time to discover more about the origins of the bureau of control and the Oldest House – which you now preside over as director Jesse Faden. Playing as a post-script to the original story (which you need to complete and be familiar with to enjoy The Foundation), the five hour campaign offers new insights and a setting that blends and distorts different realities.

control foundation

As was the case in the base game, it’s also worth exploring and finding different collectibles – many of which add to the richness of the Control universe. You’ll still end up with plenty of questions though, which is perhaps the game’s biggest challenge in the long run – having a big air of mystery is good and well, but ultimately we keep progressing with the hope of getting some answers. The Foundation, for all the insights it provides, raises as many new questions as it provides answers – some of which will no doubt be answered in the next big piece of DLC content in a few months.

It’s not just about new story and lore content though – The Foundation also uses a less linear approach than the base game did (although it’s mostly a question of ‘do you want room number 1 right now or do you want it later?’) and it offers two new powers that are exclusive to the new area you get to explore. Both of them deal with the ability to interact with crystals, with one of them causing their destruction and the other one their creation. These abilities can be used in different ways, like giving yourself a way up to higher platforms of making enemies drop down to certain death or at least considerable pain.

control foundation3

And while The Foundation is mostly a pleasant déjà vu with Control that gives us more of what was a great game to begin with, it also comes with a less than pleasant reintroduction. The DLC content suffers from performance issues even on a Playstation 4 Pro, with framerate problems in busy areas. I remember these from the original release and those got ironed out with post-release patches, so let’s hope that happens again with this DLC. Nevertheless, it was disappointing to see performance issues make a comeback.

That being said, if you enjoyed Control like we did then you’ll want to play the new expansion as well. If you’re already playing other titles then perhaps you’ll want to hold off until the second and last DLC pack hits, but if you’re been eager to play more Control this scratches that itch.

Score: 8.5/10

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