Lonely Mountains: Downhill descends on the Switch

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is coming to the Nintendo Switch this week! This is exciting news for both newcomers and those who already played the console/PC versions that were released last year.

We reviewed Lonely Mountains: Downhill back when it came out in October, and it’s been one of those games that’s stayed on our PlayStation 4 since then. There’s an addictive loop to the game, where getting down the mountain slowly but safely is step one and then slowly learning about its secrets is what follows.

There’s a satisfying mechanic to be found in uncovering a brand new shortcut that shaves off a precious second or two from your best time, as well as a risk versus reward mechanic when taking that tricky corner between two trees rather than taking the long way around them. So far, it hasn’t gotten old, although we’re still wishing for a split screen local multiplayer mode.

lonely mountains - downhill2

While we wait, however, there’s a brand new version in town – and the Nintendo Switch edition of the game allow you to take Lonely Mountains: Downhill on the go. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes or even hours while traveling, and what we’ve seen so far performs exactly like its big screen cousins do.

You’ll need a Switch of course, but the ability to finally take this on the go is a welcome one. It scales up rather nicely to a big screen TV while docked as well, so for now this is the ultimate version of Lonely Mountains: Downhill. It comes out on the 7th on the Nintendo eShop, so the wait is almost over.

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