OhShape and Synth Riders offer unique collaboration

If you’re interested in rhythm games in VR, then there’s a special bundle out there for you now if you’re an Oculus user. It combines Synth Riders and OhShape, and a new free song was released that features in both games – something you also get when you play them through non-Oculus platforms.

We have been playing plenty of Synth Riders, a title we’ve covered before when developer Kluge Interactive released new content for it. OhShape was a new discovery though, and it’s every bit as fun in how it combines physical movement with fun and intuitive gameplay. Where Synth Riders has you “riding” music by making your hands “surf” across pre-defined lines – thus creating a dance of sorts – OhShape takes an approach that we’ve come to call “strike a pose” gameplay.


Much like the now-forgotten Twister Mania for the Kinect (remember that? it was actually a lot of fun), you’re positioned on a rolling track with obstacles constantly moving towards you. Very often these are walls that have human-shaped cutouts in them, and you have to mimic the poses portrayed to pass through and score points. You also have to side-step to avoid obstacles, or punch through them.

It’s super easy to get into and a lot of fun, which makes it a shame that VR (unlike Kinect) isn’t suitable for younger players – this would be a great family experience otherwise. What helps in that sense is that the soundtrack is excellent, full of energetic songs that make you want to move even when there aren’t any obstacles in your way. The new song, “”Delight” by Jamie Berry, is no exception – if you’ve played the Electro Swings Essentials tracks in Synth Riders then this one will have a familiar sound to it as well.


Speaking of Synth Riders – after you play Delight in OhShape you can boot up Synth Riders and play through the very same track but using a different gameplay style. It’s a neat little collaboration between the two games that existing owners get for free. If you don’t have either one of the games, then a (limited time only) bundle with 30% off is now available for Oculus owners as well.

As with Synth Riders, OhShape also has support for custom tracks, which means you can get your YMCA on if you feel like grabbing a few well-known tracks that aren’t part of the standard tracklist of licensed songs that comes with the game.

Lastly, the people who rack up the highest scores online before July 1st will be the winners of the “Collab Delight” content that both developers are hosting that day – you can sign up for the competition through this link.

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