VR Roundup: OhShape & Budget Cuts (PSVR)

As we approach the dawn of the PlayStation 5 era, Sony’s VR headset is now increasingly becoming a platform for ports of existing PC-based titles while we wait for the possibilities that PS5 will bring. That’s not a bad thing though, because we’re now seeing some of the best titles out there being ported to the PSVR. Today we take a look at OhShape and Budget Cuts, which were recently released.

OhShape is out now for PlayStation VR

We’ve taken a look at OhShape before when the developers joined forces with the Synth Riders team for a unique collaboration, but back then the game was only available for PC-based headsets and the Oculus Quest. Now, developer Odders Lab has brought the game to PSVR, and it’s a game that works well on the console.


Relying mostly on motion controls and stages that automatically move you forward through them, OhShape weaves itself around the limitations of the Move controllers much like the player weaves around the in-game obstacles. Tracking is accurate, the game is a ton of fun, and the only thing you need to be aware of is to make sure your headset cable has a bit of leeway to help you move up, down and sideways comfortably.

Visually, it’s no surprise that OhShape looks identical to the Oculus versions we played before, but in terms of functionality you don’t get the access to new content through sideloading that you would have with the Quest version. That’s a necessary sacrifice on Sony’s platform, but they retain all of the fun and comes with all of the post-release content and updates from the Oculus versions included as well.

Budget Cuts is available for PlayStation VR

At the end of last year, we reviewed Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency for the Oculus platform. Now, about two years after the original PC-based release, the original game in the series is finally available for PlayStation VR, and it’s been worth the wait.

Developer Neat Corporation has made sure that the game works well with the PlayStation Move controllers, and has even thrown in a PlayStation-exclusive bonus level. The core gameplay is exactly like what you get in the PC version though, with some excellent stealth mechanics and the same great tone of voice that gives the game (and its sequel) a unique and humor-filled feel.

budget cuts

There is a Portal-like teleport gun that’s central to the gameplay as well, and even two years later it’s still a fantastic mechanic that works great in VR. You essentially fire a sphere at a location you want to move towards, but before you whisk yourself over there you get an overlay that shows you the perspective from that location, allowing you to carefully move ahead without exposing yourself.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Budget Cuts yet because you’re on PSVR, then this is a great chance to do so – it’s a game that shouldn’t be missed.

budget cuts2

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