Indie Interviews: Doors of Insanity (Gamescom)

Published by Another Indie, Doors of Insanity is a deck-building fantasy game filled with action and plenty of crazy characters and items. We spoke to the international team of developers at OneShark about the game, which you can try out for yourself using a demo on the Steam store page.

What made you want to create a game like Doors of Insanity?

Obviously we were inspired by Slay The Spire when we started to work on Doors of Insanity. It felt very interesting and fresh when we saw that they combined the traditional card gameplay with a 2D rpg like world, but we felt we could push the 2D character development and RPG side even further.

How will players see this in the game?

We focus more on the 2D RPG aspect in Doors of Insanity. Your character will gain levels and skill points from his adventures which in return will let you customize your build so then no 2 characters will look the same.

doors of insanity3

How did the creative process behind the visual/art style develop over time?

At first we went with a more conservative/serious look for the character and the game world, but then we decided to step into a more fun, crazier look which by now is a tradition from the OneShark team. We took inspiration from old Disney cartoons, including Cuphead, Berserk and other animes.

What does the development team look like?

Logan is the coder, he lives in the United States and is aggressively trying to escape the day job life as a corporate software developer. Olivers is the game designer, who lives together with his brother Matiss-the game wizard, who’s an artist, animator and a musician in Latvia. We’re trying to achieve the most fun and creative game on the market that the world hasn’t witnessed yet.

doors of insanity

What has development on the game been like?

The whole process was pretty fresh and brand new to us because before this game we concentrated more on 2D RPG’s with lots of character progressions and development, so in Doors Of Insanity we had to think differently because it’s all about replayability and not ever progressing stats that are always increasing.

Did the global pandemic affect you in any way?

Due to the Corona Virus and part of the team being in the United States, we had a lot fewer distractions to work on the game. Although we’ve had a few chances to go to the beach or a bonfire here or there it’s been mostly a heads down coding year for us!

doors of insanity4

When the game releases, what do you hope people will take away from the experience?

A very bizarre, fun and addictive experience which leads players into the twisted world of OneShark! We take pride in building an ongoing set of lore that continues and intertwines into all of our games. There are easter eggs to be found throughout our history morphing and popping up in peculiar places.

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