Uncanny Valley review

Uncanny Valley is a cross-buy title for the PS4 and Playstation Vita, and promises a story-driven experience with numerous different paths you can explore. Sporting a 2D pixel-style aesthetic, it certainly looked interesting from the moment we first saw a few screenshots. We tried it out, and chose the Vita as our platform of choice. Continue reading “Uncanny Valley review”

Phoning Home review (PC)

Phoning Home by developer Ion Lands isn’t exactly subtle in where it draws its inspiration from. Its title and general plot idea come straight from E.T, its protagonist looks a little like a cross between Wall-E and Johnny Five. If you weren’t around in the eighties or early nineties, google ‘Short Circuit’ to see what I mean. Continue reading “Phoning Home review (PC)”

Blood Bowl (2016) review (board game)

So what do a bunch of game reviewers do when they get together and hang out without the aid of a pc or console? They play board games – and recently we’ve been having a lot of fun playing the latest board game version of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop. Continue reading “Blood Bowl (2016) review (board game)”