Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)

We missed the original release of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot on the Playstation Vita, but it’s recently been released on the PS4 – giving us a second chance in the process. If you had it on Vita then you already own the PS4 version, as the game is now a cross-buy title. For its debut on the PS4, the game has gotten a framerate upgrade, as well as a boost in the graphics department – now running at 60hz in Full HD. Continue reading “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)”

Kholat review (PS4)

The rise of digital distribution has also brought exploration-type games (sometimes known as “walking simulators”) to consoles, and with Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Firewatch the PS4 already has two solid entries in a genre that’s filled with dozens of (indie) titles on the PC. Kholat adds another title to the PS roster, and it’s an incredibly atmospheric one at that. Continue reading “Kholat review (PS4)”

Superhot review (PC/Xbox One)

The first time we got to play SUPERHOT was back in the summer of 2014. While meeting with the people at Oculus, we got to try on the most recent version of the Rift and the first title we played was SUPERHOT. To this date, it’s one of the best virtual reality experiences we’ve had – and it’s all because of the game’s excellent and innovative mechanics. Continue reading “Superhot review (PC/Xbox One)”