Bunker – The Underground Game developer interview (PC)

This past week saw the release of Bunker – The Underground Game. An indie point and click adventure inspired by the classic games of the 90s that promises a healthy dose of witty humor and pop culture references. As Otto Thompson, you explore an underground bunker that echoes the cold war era and the threat of nuclear war. Judging from our first half hour with the game, the perfect setting for comedy 😉 We spoke to Tony Sundell, the solo developer behind the project to find out more.

What’s your background in game development?
These days I am both a professional game designer and an indie game designer on my free time. I’ve been doing computer graphics as a hobby past 21 years and played video games as long as I’ve been alive. At some point 10 years ago combining these two hobbies felt like a natural thing to do and I started to do video games as hobby projects. This will, however, be my first game I’ve released commercially that I have developed (mostly) alone. Well at the very end I did get help with sound and music, but everything else you can blame me for!

How did you come up with Bunker’s setting/story?
It’s really a combination of several things. At the time of starting the project everyone was wearing the type of clothing Otto is wearing. It had become mainstream clothing where I lived at. Later on I learned about what a hipster meant, so I thought it would be funny to place a “hipster” into a situation where he has to deal with really old technology. I played around with the idea of placing a guy like that in the middle of an old Soviet bunker where time has stopped and how he would deal with it. Another event affecting the game’s setting was the experiences of my gaming friend with online dating.

Bunker - The Underground Game

What adventure games most influenced you as a developer and Bunker as a game?
From other adventure games it would have to be the Day of the Tentacle. I loved that game. But I’ve gotta say the game has been influenced by so many games, not only adventure games.

What types of puzzles can we expect in Bunker?
Oh boy, all sort of puzzles. One big theme in the game is the element of surprise. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but lets just say you might not be able to “expect” anything at times :). Test players have been thanking the first half of the game for it’s logical puzzles, but the longer the game goes on the more creative you have to become with your approach. It is not one of those super hard puzzle games, but the puzzles do gradually get harder toward the end.

How would you describe Bunker’s style of humor?
Parody with a twist (of lemon). A lot of puns, yet not enough butter. I guess the most logical way to describe it would be: two Russian grannies having a rap battle in the middle of a forest to save the world from sock sniffing demons. Yeah that makes sense.

Our thanks to Tony Sundell. Find out more about Bunker – The Underground Game at http://store.steampowered.com/app/354180/

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