Mordheim: City of the Damned – Witch Hunters review (PC)

In our Mordheim review earlier this year, we talked about how we enjoyed the game’s deeply strategic kind of gameplay and how the complexity of the game might require a longer learning period. How, adding to the complexity, the Witch Hunters DLC has arrived.

The expansion to Mordheim: City of the Damned brings the introduction of (not surprisingly) the Witch Hunters, who come with seven different unit types that we’ll discuss in a little bit. The expansion also gives you a brand new campaign to play, in which the witch hunters of course play a prominent role. A little bit like the Games Workshop version of Van Helsing (and the Knights Templar), your group of warriors seeks to defend mankind against all sorts of evil – ranging from witches to necromancers to daemons. You do so in the name of the Temple of Sigmar, hoping to cleanse the world of Mordheim from evil.

In your party, you have access to seven different types of warriors: the captain, the flagellant, the witch hunter, the zealots, the warrior priests, the templar knights and the executioners. They all have a role to play, but some feel like they’re more prominent than others. The most prominent character of all is the Witch Hunter Captain, the leader of your band. Following him is a group of characters that is, in general, more geared to melee combat than they are to ranged combat. Flagellants and zealots have both turned to faith to guide their actions, although flagellants are far more fanatical about it and zealots are fueled by vengeance.


Both the Witch Hunters and Templar Knights are skilled in combat, with the Templars bring a background of honor and nobility to the cause whereas Witch Hunters are merciless killers. Executioners can strike lethal blows, but aren’t as skilled in the heat of battle as some of their teammates. Together though, your band of hunters can really lay waste to Mordheim. In short… on their mission to cleanse the city, they kill everyone. This makes for diverse matchups, as well as a dark undertone to an already dark game. Weakening your opponent first and then moving in with an executioner makes you feel like you’re judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one – which I suppose is the purpose of the Witch Hunters.

As with any DLC addon, the real question is whether or not it’s worth buying if you already have the main game. In the case of Witch Hunters, that is a definite yes. For less than 10 dollars/euros, you don’t just get a brand new campaign – you also get a group of characters that is ready to take on all of Mordheim and thus offers a wide range of confrontations. It might be daunting if you’re new to the game, but if you’ve been playing Mordheim for a while you’ll find that Witch Hunters feels like an integral and perhaps even essential part to the game.


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