DrinkBox Collection review (Vita)

DrinkBox Studios might very well be the most successful Vita developer yet, if you consider the fact that they’ve only released three games and they were all extremely well received. With an average review score of about 85/100, they have some of the best Vita games ever under their belt. The exciting news is that those games have now been bundled together in the DrinkBox Collection, available for a reduced price in the Playstation Store. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack was one of the first games to be released for the Vita, and it was well-received even though it was overshadowed by some of Sony’s big first party releases. It’s a fun puzzle platformer where you control an alien blob creature with special powers that you can use to navigate traps and puzzles. You’re also able to eat and grow, which is part of some of the puzzles you’ll encounter.

Guacamelee! is arguably DrinkBox’s biggest title so far, and it was ported to a whole range of different systems after the initial PS3 and Vita versions were so beloved. An action-platform with metroidvania influences, it comes to the DrinkBox Collection complete with a couple of DLC addons as well – and you also get the PS3 version as an extra bonus!

DrinkBox’ latest game is Severed, which was only just released a few months ago. It’s a dungeon crawler/action/puzzle game that relies heavily on touch controls – and we had the pleasure of being able to review it. It’s very different from the other two games, but just as well polished.

The DrinkBox collection is an essential purchase if you have a Vita but don’t own any of DrinkBox’s games yet. If you do, then perhaps this collection can serve as a reminder – telling you to grab the other games as well.


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