Armikrog now on consoles

Armikrog, which we reviewed on PC last year, how now come to consoles – with a release for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U. We played around with the Xbox One version to see how the conversion fared.

As expected, the game plays just like it did on PC. We don’t have access to a Wii U review unit or we would have happily tested it with touch controls, but on Xbox One you’re getting the same game PC users did but with gamepad controls instead. This means that everything that made the PC version fun to play is still here, as are some of the issues in terms of gameplay design – like some puzzles that just don’t feel logical here and there.

The console versions also benefit from the PC version having been out for almost a year, because some of the technical problems that the game had upon its first release have been ironed out for the console launch. They’ve also been fixed in the PC version, by the way, so don’t worry about being shorthanded if that’s your platform of choice.

Please read our original review for more details on the game itself to see if you should be playing this soon. If you’re on the fence, then please note that the console version is an absolute steal at 9.99.


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