RunGunJumpGun out now (PC)

Every now and then, you come across a game that grabs your attention when you see it being played. RunGunJumpGun is one those games, and it’s out now on Steam.

During a visit to the Gambitious booth at Gamescom, while waiting for our demo of Outreach, I couldn’t stop looking at a monitor that was playing a retro-type of platformer that seemed to blend the style and difficulty of Super Meat Boy with the frantic rapid-fire gameplay of games like Downwell. It’s one of those games that I would probably be horrible at, but it’s a beauty to see a skilled player going at it.

The game was RunGunJumpGun, and it just been released on Steam for people everywhere to try out for themselves. Having finally played a little bit of the game myself, I can confirm that it is indeed a challenging game, but obviously it was intended to be just that. I’ll need a lot more time to get anywhere in the game, but I can at least say that the world of RunGunJumpGun is a stylishly designed and fun one to play in. It has that 8-bit neon sci-fi kind of look and plenty of attitude.

A steal at under 10 dollars/euros, this is well worth exploring for indie game fans with a lust for challenging games – in this case, a mix of Super Meat Boy, Downwell and Flappy Bird or Solar Jetman. Check it out for yourself at


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