Let Them Come review (PS4)

Sci-fi shooter Let Them Come just received a PS4 version – here’s our review.

I think that the first time I ever laid eyes on Let Them Come was back in 2016, and I got to lay eyes on the game in action not long after. It turned out to be quite different from what I had anticipated based on the screenshots, and to this day I still wish the game was more like what I envisioned while looking at the visuals.

Let Them Come has a wonderful pixelated art style that immediately resonated with me as a hybrid between the sci-fi setting of movies like Aliens and mid-nineties platformer Heart of Darkness – which packed a lot of detail and wonderful animation into a 2D game. So there I was, imagining something like the Alien 3 videogame but a lot more fun to play.

let them come

Turns out that I was wrong, and Let Them Come doesn’t involve any platforming – it doesn’t even involve any walking. It does, however, involve tons and tons of shooting. And aliens. And shooting and blowing up aliens. You play as a stationary space marine, desperately making a last stand before you get overrun by alien hordes.

In a sense, it’s like a 2D tower defense game with only one tower – only it’s a space marine and you’re in direct control of him. The first few waves of aliens are fairly mindless and a steady aim is enough to mow them all down, but before long you’ll be confronted with a choice of upgrades and it’s these choices that add a small layer of tactical decision making into the mix.

let them come3

Certain aliens are more vulnerable to a specific weapon or ammo type, so choose wisely until you have a ton of credits with which to unlock nearly the entire arsenal. In-game, you’ll also have to carefully weigh your ammo choices, spending your grenades to either take out a swarm of bad guys or saving it for a bigger alien later on. It’s familiar tower defense stuff, only in Let Them Come you’re making these choices as split second decisions.

Despite the choices in between levels, the in-game portion of the game is fairly mindless and can get repetitive before too long. Originally developed for mobile, Let Them Come suffers as a console game with its lack of diversity and depth, despite being pretty decent fun during short runs. There are roguelike elements to the progression system, but I found that Let Them Come was more fun for a 30 minute session than during a longer playthrough. As such, I wish Let Them Come had come out for the Vita – it would have been a great fit there. Now, on the PS4, it’s mainly a fun diversion but it didn’t keep my attention for too long. And yeah, I still hope these developers make a sci-fi platformer with this visual style.

Score: 6.4/10

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