The Exorcist: Legion VR – Final Chapters review (PSVR)

Back when we reviewed the first three chapters of The Exorcist: Legion in June, we remarked that it would be smart to wait for the season to wrap up with chapters 4 and 5. Now, those chapters have arrived and are available on the Playstation Store (as well as on Steam) – time to take another look at this VR adaptation of the horror classic.

Chapter 4 is entitled Samaritan and transports you to a plague-ridden quarantine zone in Haiti, where you discover what darkness lies at the heart of this epidemic. This then ties into chapter 5 (“The Tomb”) as well, where the story wraps up and comes to a conclusion that brings elements of the first four chapters together in terms of completing your journey to becoming a full fledged exorcist.

Content-wise, these last two chapters aren’t longer or drastically different from the first three (read more on those in our review here). That means that they do a great job of conveying a fitting and sinister setting, but are on the short side and with a limited amount of traditional gameplay. DualShock controls are supported, but the experience is a lot better when you use a pair of Move controllers – especially during the more exciting sections where you have to use tools to perform an exorcism.


What the final two chapters do, however, is make the entire experience better (and our score reflects this). Only playing the first three chapters left us feeling wanting and like we had played an incomplete story, and playing all the way through The Tomb definitely wraps up a satisfying Exorcist-inspired tale – even if that’s exactly what it is and nothing more. Legion doesn’t feature traditional gameplay elements like the shooting or sneaking sections of a game like Resident Evil 7, but should be seen more as an interactive tale in which you are the main protagonist.

As such, with a playing time of just under three hours for all five episodes, The Exorcist: Legion is a great VR-fueled experience for fans of the franchise, but a tad on the expensive side for regular gamers who would just as well play another horror-themed game. It features excellent production values though, so it’s well worth your time if you enjoy VR horror and are willing to pay the asking price.

Score: 7.5/10


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