Outriders Worldslayer review (PS5)

Outriders returns with a brand new DLC add-on that features a full additional campaign as well as other improvements and new content. Here’s a look at the PlayStation 5 version.

It’s always nice to see a developer stick with a game they believe in, and while we really enjoyed Outriders when it launched during the spring of 2021, it wasn’t perfect. It was patched prior to Worldslayer as well, but we hadn’t jumped back in until the new campaign became available. The difference is clear as day, although some of the new additions that come with Worldslayer have their rough edges as well.


In the new campaign, we pick up right where we left off in the base game, heading to Glacier’s Edge. It doesn’t take long for the uneasy peace treaty to be broken though, and the Anomaly is growing more hostile as well. Worldslayer builds out the existing world and story of Outriders by adding new locations as well as reintroducing us to different sides of existing ones, making the campaign feel richer in content and world more fleshed out – which has us wondering if further sequels are planned, even though the DLC does wrap up some of the main game’s loose ends.

It’s still very much a looter shooter though, so you’ll find plenty of new loot and weapons to play around with – which is also an incentive to explore and deviate from the obvious route to your next waypoint. Worldslayer also heavily leans into the game’s class system, each one fully customizable and offering their own abilities and team tactics when playing together. This improved the replay value of the game as well, especially when it comes to large scale battles and boss fights, which can all be approached in multiple ways.


We always thought Outsiders was a pretty game to look at, and this new DLC doesn’t change that – the new environments are detailed and well designed, from atmospheric effects to the layout of the areas you explore – though this is where those rough edges come in. Players and enemies can sometimes get stuck in elements of the environment, and while it’s not game-breaking it does take you out of the immersion for a few moments – especially when the only solution is going back to the last checkpoint/save.

But while it’s disappointing to still see a few bugs more than a year after the launch (old ones like voiceovers triggering at the wrong time also persist), Worldslayer offers a much more polished experience than Outriders did at release. Let’s hope the developers stick with it for a little while longer and iron out the bugs before moving on to new content or projects.

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