House of the Dragon – The Mightiest Dragons in the Skies of Westeros

The long-awaited prequel to Game of Thrones has finally reached our screens. First airing on August 21, 2022, House of the Dragon has already captured the imagination of millions around the world. It’s based largely on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood”, although according to Mashable it’s not 100% true to the book. House of the Dragon takes place almost two centuries before the Game of Thrones era unfolds.

House of the Dragon is essentially centered around a civil war involving the Targaryen family. The children of King Viserys I Targaryen were jostling for position and looking to assume control as the next person in line for the “Iron Throne”. If you’re completely new to House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, it might be a good idea to check out ExpressVPN’s Targaryen family tree, which is a veritable who’s who from House of the Dragon right the way through to the Game of Thrones period.


One of the most enchanting aspects of House of the Dragon is the fact that it’s set in a time when dragons reign supreme in the skies of Westeros. Some of them are heavily involved in the Targaryen civil unrest which threatens to destroy Westeros’ most powerful family.

If, like us, you’re someone who’s fascinated by the weird and wonderful beasts that authors and directors concoct to create the immersion that movies and TV series need, check out the five most imposing dragons conceived in House of the Dragon.


There is no doubt about it, Caraxes is the biggest and most imposing dragon in the skies of Westeros. Mounted by Prince Daemon Targaryen, Caraxes is known as “Blood Wyrm” due to his ferocious red scales. Despite having a narrow, serpentine-esque body, Caraxes has wing-like membranes that maintain his aerodynamics.


Vhagar was a major feature in Game of Thrones through seasons one, two, three, and five. She also features heavily in the first season of House of Dragon. Known as the “Queen of All Dragons”, Vhagar is mounted by Visenya Targaryen. Vhagar was once able to swallow an entire horse whole and her flames are hot enough to melt an armory.


Syrax is another imposing dragon belonging to the House of Targaryen. Ridden by Rhaenyra Targaryen, Syrax appears in three episodes of the first series of the House of Dragon. This green-eyed dragon was loyal to Rhaenyra and was a monstrous, formidable size. Her biggest issue in combat was her lack of experience, compared with the might of Caraxes.


Seasmoke was another ferocious dragon bred by the House of Targaryen. Mounted by Laenor Velaryon, Seasmoke was a silver-grey dragon that proved particularly nimble and effective in the War for the Stepstones. Seasmoke plays a huge role in the siege of Bloodstone, rescuing Daemon Targaryen after being wounded in battle.


Known as the “Red Queen”, Meleys is a female dragon ridden by both Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and Princess Alyssa Targaryen. Meleys is considered one of the older dragons in Westeros after Vhagar. She is most distinctive thanks to the crown of copper horns that adorn her forehead. She appears in two episodes within the first series.

With these dragons often used as beasts of war in Westeros, it’s no surprise their devastating power becomes a key strategic component as the Targaryen civil war plays out.

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