The Best Casino Titles for PS5 Gamers

When people think about next-gen consoles, talk often turns to sprawling open worlds, the sharpest graphics and the best performance. Yet some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences can be found in simpler, unassuming titles, such as the ever popular slot games. Offering a more casual experience, these have been around since the days of Atari and have stood the test of time. Below, we provide our favorite options for PS5 gamers who want to pay a digital visit to the casino.

Best All-Round Experience

The best all-around experience is The Casino Collection. While it does not have the 3D graphics of other titles, it offers a wealth of game options in one, ranging from poker to baccarat. The games in this collection offer a classic alternative to those you might find on iGaming websites.

The only downside is that the roulette in the collection is fairly limited, and doesn’t include the same side bets and other options you can find in online games. If you are a roulette fan you may prefer to visit online providers where you can bet on roulette directly.

Live games with real croupiers can also add a touch of interaction and socialisation that is absent from The Casino Collection. However, one element The Casino Collection does have in common with online casinos is the ability to unlock more games and options as you progress, much like the VIP provisions of online casinos.

Best for Slots

Source: Unsplash

Four Kings Casino and Slots is easily the best option for a slot game experience. Slots games often exist in isolation, but the developers have managed to give this game a compeititive edge by using leaderboards, so you can increase your score and move up the online rankings. This allows access to prizes and new mini-games, with content added regularly.

The game also replicates an actual casino, with the added pleasure of creating larger-than-life avatars. You can use this character to visit tables and play on the slot machines, meaning the lobby is often full of colourful characters. Although the game has been around since the PS4, it still looks good and since it’s a free title, it’s very hard to complain about any of its features.

Most Unique

High Roller Casino has been about since the days of PS2 and has had constant updates. What makes it unique is that it is part casino title, part pinball game. It was created with Stern, manufacturers of classic pinball machines to imitate the real thing. On the pinball side, you can choose from four multi-ball mode games. Get bored of pinball, and you can move on to one of six classic casino games, including roulette and slots. High Roller Casino is regularly updated with new games.

Overall, there are some quality options for those looking for a casino experience on their PS5, many of which have remained fan favourites for a long time. Give these a try and let us know what you think.

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