Table Top Racing: World Tour welcomes DLCs (PS4)

When Table Top Racing: World Tour was launched, we enjoyed it but also felt it was a little light on the content/racing front. Since then, two DLC packs have been released – let’s see what they add to the mix.

First up was the supercharger pack, which actually came out very soon after the game’s launch – and was immediately available to PC users. The supercharger pack doesn’t radically change the game, but it does add a healthy amount of content to the game. The car roster gets four additional vehicles, there are 16 new skill-based special events to try out and just as many paint schemes. Since car customization is never my main focus in a racing game – especially a casual one – the new race track in the supercharger pack offered the greatest value to me.

There is only new environment, but there are four ways to race on it due to the variety of routes that the game offers. Entitled “can ya dig it?”, it’s a setting based around an archeological dig site that was abandoned – but oddly enough still has plenty of treasures lying around.


The tropical ice pack, the second update for Table Top Racing: World Tour, came out in September. Not focused on car customization as much, this is my favorite of the two packs. There are two new locations this time, one being a bar setting on a tropical beach, and the other one a resort high up in the Alps. In addition, there are another 18 special events, as well as a few new achievements for the trophy hunters among us.

Also included in the Tropical Ice pack are two brand new game modes. There is checkpoint racing, which means you have to reach the next checkpoint before time runs out, and then there’s ‘overtake mode’, which gives you a set time to blaze by as many cars as you can. They are not incredibly original (racing games in the 80s like Outrun had checkpoints) and can’t carry their own weight for very long, but they do make Table Top Racing a more rounded experience. For the price… definitely recommended, especially if you enjoyed the original game.


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