Watch Dogs 2 PC impressions

After a wait period of a few weeks, Watch Dogs 2 is now available for PC owners to play as well. The PC version offers several technical enhancements for those with a rig powerful enough to fully use them.

Gameplay-wise, the version of Watch Dogs 2 that PC owners get is exactly the same as the console versions. You have a few more control options – most importantly keyboard and mouse – and you can switch between control modes on the go. This is fun if you want to switch to a steering wheel for the driving sections if you prefer that, even though steering wheels aren’t officially reported and the driving sections aren’t exactly the game’s strong suit – see our original review for details.

The game itself isn’t the focus of this article though – it’s the optimizations that PC owners get, and there are plenty of them. The obvious one is of course 4K support, with higher resolutions now supported – something only PS4 Pro owners could do before. PC owners can also push the performance even higher due to the lack of a FPS cap, which is of course not an option when playing on consoles.


Other visual details that are clearly noticeable are higher quality texture, which works especially well when pushing the game towards higher resolutions. A PC-exclusive “ultra textures” pack is available if your rig is able to handle it, but it’s quite memory-hungry and only recommended if you have a recent graphics cards with plenty of onboard and system RAM.

Aside from changes that impact the look of the entire game, the PC version also has more subtle visual enhancements like an optimized way of rendering shadows that are created by a car’s headlights. It’s not something you notice right away, but after reading the changelog and looking at the two versions side by side the difference is clear. Which brings us back to one of our conclusions in the PS4 review of the game – the fact that Watch Dogs 2 didn’t feel like it provided a ‘wow’ factor in the audiovisual department. The PC version certainly is step forward in fixing that, and it’s the best one out there to get as long as you can reap the benefits it offers.

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