Ghost Recon Wildlands: Narco Road review (PC)

Narco Road is the first major expansion for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – but at times feels more like a spin-off game than a true expansion. Here are a few quick impressions.

In Narco road, your main goal is to take out El Invisible (Wildlands’ equivalent to Avatar’s Unobtanium in terms of unimaginative naming schemes). To do this, you have to get “in” with three gangs by rising in popularity and respect. Some of your main tools of the trade? Social media, monster trucks and muscle cars – yes, we were as surprised as you probably are at reading this.

Narco Road is a bit like a crossover product between the original Wildlands and certain influences from games like Saint’s Row and Vin Diesel’s xXx movies. – way more over the top than the original game was. Getting more people to follow you on social media means pulling off stunts and engaging in behavior that attracts attention – a quite different approach from that seen in the regular Wildlands campaign where stealth is often essential.

narco road2

That’s not the only disconnect from the game you may have already been playing – Narco Road is a standalone adventure within the Wildlands universe. It doesn’t expand the play area you’re already active in with new regions and missions, but rather places you in El Invisible’s domain to tackle a new kind of Wildlands experience. It’s definitely not bad, but will probably disappoint those who are hooked on the vanilla Wildlands style of play.

With Narco Road being “standalone”, you automatically start with a level 20 character and a set of unlocked skills. Narco Road also limits your selection of weapons in the game, so you might have to forget about some of your favorites if you’re coming in from the regular campaign. It’s probably a wise choice when looking at the mission structures in Narco Road, but it further drives the point home that you’re not playing a continuation of your existing story here.

Is Narco Road worse than Wildlands? That would probably go too far, but I would be willing to say that the original Wildlands brand of gameplay was probably a better fit for the backdrop and mechanics that were crafted for the game. Narco Road is just very different, and your enjoyment will depend largely on the type of player you are. If you enjoy the serious tactical aspects of Wildland (and maybe even play ArmA or Siege), then Narco Road will likely disappoint you. If you have a more arcade/action-like approach to Wildlands, then this will be right up your alley.

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