Mortal Blitz review (PSVR)

Mortal Blitz is already out for American Playstation VR users, and will be released in Europe in the next one to two months. Time to check out this excellent on-rails shooter from Korean developer SKonec Entertainment.

It’s actually surprising that we haven’t seen more on-rails shooters for Playstation VR, since the medium is so perfect for it. We’re had some great shooters with Lethal VR and the recent VR Invaders, but when it comes to the genre pioneered by the likes of House of the Dead and Time Crisis, we’ve only really had horror shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (and perhaps The London Heist). Mortal Blitz aims to fill that gap, and we think it does so quite well.

Mortal Blitz takes place in a sci-fi world inhabited by humans and androids. Once built to serve mankind, these androids have since revolted and taken over – and now you’re part of the human resistance fighting to restore peace and harmony. Of course the story always takes a back seat to the action in games like this, but it’s nice that SKonec is setting up a universe for future episodes to take place in.

mortal blitz

Aside from straightforward shooting, Mortal Blitz also features a cover system and the ability to manipulate gravity through telekinesis – and both work very well in a VR environment. The cover system isn’t a case of “press X for cover”, but rather has you physically ducking in and outside of cover, peeking out to take shots and then moving back when you’re under fire. I’m sure it looks crazy to onlookers, but this is exactly the kind of experience you’re hope for in a VR shooter.

Being able to pick up enemies and objects is a lot of fun as well. When you’re not wielding a weapon, you can channel your inner Magneto (or Darth Vader, if you will) and pick up objects around you. These can be used as a shield or as offensive weapons, but you can also use your ability directly on enemies. This can trigger a slow motion effect that gives Mortal Blitz a bit of the “bullet time” experience seen in other games.

mortal blitz3

We had no tracking issues at all – but perhaps this is because Skonec isn’t new to the game – they’ve released a simpler version of this game for Gear VR already. This shows in the game’s visual design as well, as Mortal Blitz is highly polished for a game that didn’t come out of a AAA studio. Sound and music are functional, and mostly unremarkable – but it’s worth pointing out that the game is fully voiced.

My only real criticism is that Mortal Blitz is, like the arcade titles that inspired it, somewhat low on content. Even with a few restarts, you’re looking at about an hour to an hour and a half of gameplay – which left me wanting more. Lethal VR offers more content at a slightly cheaper price point, but doesn’t scratch that Time Crisis itch like Mortal Blitz does. Looking forward to more from SKonec!

Score: 8.1/10

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