Destiny 2 – The Curse of Osiris review (PC)

The excellent Destiny 2 has received its first major expansion with The Curse of Osiris, although perhaps “major” could be a bit of an overstatement for some.

What attracted me to Destiny 2 to begin with, besides the fact that it was coming to PC, was the fact that it was going to have a higher emphasis on single player campaign-driven gameplay. Playing the game when it finally came to PC a little after the console release, my high expectations were met by a great game.

I’ve since dabbled a bit in the game’s multiplayer modes, but to me there’s nothing quite like a good well-directed single player campaign – causing me to ditch Destiny 2 for a while to go play Wolfenstein 2 instead. Now, with The Curse of Osiris coming out, I was eager to return to Bungie’s universe once more and enjoy some of the new content – mostly eager to try my hands on the single player campaign portion of it.

curse of osiris

Unfortunately, Curse of Osiris doesn’t exactly pick up where Destiny 2’s base game left off. There are plenty of unresolved story elements that could have been explored, but instead the expansion just adds a new mini-campaign and leaves most of the base content untouched (in terms of story). The new campaign takes place on Mercury, where you try to stop the Vex from taking over through their use of time manipulation techniques.

I have to admit, I loved the campaign, in which Osiris is a warlock and portions of the game take place against a backdrop that resembles ancient Egypt. It’s stunning to look at and listen to, and the time manipulation mechanic (through the use of a magical location called the Infinite Forest that serves as a simulation of sorts) allows for a lot of diversity. It’s a premise that has immense promise in how much it can bring to Destiny later on, but in the case of the campaign in Curse of Osiris it’s over all too soon.

The new expansion also features new strike missions and heroic adventures, but for a single player enthusiast like myself it’s an expansion that left me wanting more rather than one that could scratch my itch after completing the base campaign. I suppose that, in a way, that’s a sign that the expansion is of a high quality – but there’s just too little of it relative to its 20 dollar/euro price point. That’s what a game like Prey goes for these days, and that would be a better use of money. Even when you’re a multiplayer gamer as well, the content in Curse of Osiris is stretched a little thin and I hope the next expansion delivers upon the promise that is definitely out there.

Score: 6.6/10

curse of osiris3

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