Pinball FX3: Solo – A Star Wars Story review (PS4)

Just as we’re about to get Solo: A Star Wars Story on BluRay and DVD, Zen Studios has released a brand new pinball table pack for Pinball FX3 based around the movie. Here’s our take on it.

When it arrived just a few months after The Last Jedi, I thought Disney was maybe overdoing it a little with the Star Wars license. Perhaps fans thought the same, because the movie wasn’t the commercial success they had hoped for. It’s not considered a bad movie though – it has a similar rating to The Last Jedi on imdb, for instance. Perhaps it just didn’t resonate as well because it was too loosely connected to the original films, unlike Rogue One? Who’s to say – I’m just glad Zen didn’t ignore the film and crafted three new tables for their FX3 platform, which are among the best tables I’ve played so far.

Offering three tables instead of the two tables that came with the Last Jedi pack, Solo immediately offers value for money in terms of quantity – and it has the quality to back that up. The main table, Solo, is loosely based around the movie and features plenty of familiar characters and scenes. You’ll see the Millennium Falcon pop up, relive the big heist scene and you’ll run into Lando and Chewie.

pinball fx3 - solo pack

The second table is completely based around Lando Calrissian, which is a great choice given his history in the franchise and involvement in the upcoming episode IX as well. This table transcends the events of the recent Solo movie as well, making it the biopic equivalent of a pinball table. I have to admit there was plenty of stuff in the table I wasn’t even familiar with as well, as it also used material from spinoffs like Star Wars Rebels that I never watched. There is even a little Lando on screen who comments on your performance, which is a neat touch – and his appearance changes as you go through the different phases of his career..

The third and last table is a bit more obscure in name, as it focuses on the Battle of Mimban. If you saw the movie, it’s where Solo meets Woody Harrelson’s character Beckett. It’s an epic scene where there’s a ton of stuff going on everywhere, and the table mimics this. It may be a little lower on Star Wars lore, but the table is a visual spectacle to the point where it should encourage people who skipped Solo to perhaps reconsider when the BluRay comes out.

pinball fx3 - solo pack3

What all three tables have in common is that they have an abundance of objectives and minigames crammed into them, which is something that digital pinball makes possible and really sets the FX3 range apart from the rest. This is especially true when you have rich source material like the Star Wars universe to use, and the Solo pack makes excellent use of this. The Solo and Lando tables offer amazing fan service with all kinds of little references, and the Mimban table is a wonderful bonus.

The table design for all three tables is excellent too – they’re not just empty shells for the various minigames and the highly detailed animations that Zen has developed for them. There is a lot of room for skill-based multipliers, with an extensive guide for each table that explains how to score big and get through the table’s specific challenges. The Solo pack isn’t just better than the Last Jedi pack in terms of the number of tables that you get – they’re also better quality tables.

Score: 8.4/10

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