Guns ‘n Stories: Bulletproof VR review (PSVR)

Guns ‘n Stories: Bulletproof by MiroWin just launched on Playstation VR after previously coming out for Steam-based VR platforms. How does this western-themed wave shooter fit in with the existing PSVR library?

Obviously, when I booted up Guns ‘n Stories: Bulletproof for the first time, my thoughts went back to Cold Iron, another shooter that takes place in the old west. But while Cold Iron is a “high noon” type shooter with tactical elements, Guns ‘n Stories is a lot more like a traditional wave shooter with an emphasis on fun.

The game was previously released on Steam and spent a good while in Early Access there. Every feature and game mode that was introduced during that period is available in the Playstation VR version at launch, which means you’re not just limited to the two hour or so story campaign that’s included. For replayability that’s a good thing, even though the story campaign is fun and filled with all kinds of stereotypes from the world of westerns and pop culture.

guns n stories bulletproof vr2

The game doesn’t try to take itself too seriously, and this makes the game both fun and a tad inconsistent. You are gradually introduced to new weapons during the game, but can’t choose freely between them. Some aren’t historically accurate in any way either, and because of this it’ll be a matter of personal preference whether or not people like what they’re being given without the choice to swap. This only applies to the campaign by the way, you can bring your weapon of choice elsewhere after you’ve unlocked it.

The additional game modes aren’t as meaty as the campaign (if you can call a two hour campaign “meaty”), but provide fun little diversions that give western tropes like booze and brothels the center stage. They’re not going to change your mind about the game if you don’t like wave shooters to begin with, but it’s good to see creators add more content to a game in a genre that’s prone to repetition.

Controlling the action in Bulletproof is fairly straightforward, with a pair of Move controllers acting like guns in the game. There are a few areas where you also have the option to move into cover, but most of the time you’re just going in guns blazing while dual wielding a pair of guns or rocking a futuristic crossbow. For one handed weapons, you have the option to select your left hand as the primary weapon hand – which is a nice choice for left-handers to have.

guns n stories bulletproof vr3

Audiovisually, the game has a cartoon-like aesthetic that fits well with the tongue-in-cheek approach to the western genre. The enemy animations can feel a tad wooden, but the voiceover work is nicely done and it’s clear that a lot of work went into crafting the game that MiroWin set out to make – from the game modes right down to the little details you see on-screen.

Guns ’n’ Stories: Bulletproof certainly doesn’t innovate the genre in any way, but it’s a very competent shooter that puts entertainment value first. It might not resonate with gamers who have no interest in the western theme, but if you’re looking for a high octane VR-fueled break from Red Dead Redemption 2 then MiroWin has you covered.

Score: 7.0/10

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