Raised By Wolves Season 2 review (BluRay)

The second season of Raised by Wolves was recently released on BluRay, and after enjoy the opening season so much we couldn’t wait to get through the new season as well – here are our thoughts.

Because we didn’t stream the series of HBO Max and waited for the BluRay, starting Season 2 was a bit of a bittersweet experience, as we had already learned that the previously planned third season had been cancelled. Knowing we’ll never see the originally penned finale is sad, though with a series there’s also a strange comfort in the finality of what’s available – or maybe that’s just some minor OCD talking, not having to worry about whether you’re done or not.

Anyway, the Ridley Scott-produced series was a fresh new take on the sci-fi genre that wasn’t afraid to embrace darker themes in its narrative, which sees androids Mother and Father caring for young humans who settled on planet Kepler-22b after escaping Earth. Season 2 takes the cast to the tropical zone of the planet, which makes for a change of scenery but doesn’t present an end to the challenges they faced before.


Having reached the tropical zone, they find it ruled by The Trust, a group of atheists. The family settles here, and Mother and Father are slightly reprogrammed. Her loss of the ability to engage in combat frustrated Mother though, to the point where she no longer believes she can carry out her primary objective to protect the children from possible harm.

Over the course of the danger, some of the major dangers are represented by Marcus being seen as a potential terrorist, while he himself thinks he’s been chosen by Sol and needs to convert other humans to his beliefs. Religious themes are more prevalent in this new season, though a more alien-like threat comes from the flying creature that sprang from Mother.

But despite these new story elements, Season 2 doesn’t feel as fresh and original as the first season – which would of course have been extremely hard to do, even though the cast puts in some excellent performances. If you’ve settled into the rhythm of how life unfolds on Kepler-22b, you’ll be engrossed but rarely surprised by the new season – though you’ll likely be a little annoyed when you hit the big cliffhanger at the end, knowing you’ll probably never find out what happens next.


The audiovisual quality of this BluRay release is spot on, with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio filling up most home screens without black bars and great clarity and contrast, even in darker scenes. And even though the tropical zone is less lush than you’d expect, when bright colors are used they really pop off the screen. The audio is good as well, with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 track that makes ample use of the surround channels for added ambiance while voice tracks are already crystal clear, even in the middle of action sequences.

Which brings us to the extras, with about an hour of additional footage. Most of it is typical “making of” stuff that focuses on how each individual episode was made. These are mostly short, about five minutes in length per episode. There’s a longer behind the scenes look that talks about the world design for Kepler-22b that’s a must-watch for fans of the series though, but unfortunately there’s no retrospective that talks about where the series might have gone in a future season. Hopefully we won’t need that though – with some luck we’ll see the series revived by another network. Fingers crossed.

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