The Walking Dead – The Telltale Definitive Series review (multi)

Like the antagonists in the TV series, The Walking Dead series by Telltale has come back once more for another (final?) round. The Walking Dead – The Telltale Definitive Series is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it’s the best version of these games you can get at a great price point. Continue reading “The Walking Dead – The Telltale Definitive Series review (multi)”

Encodya preview (Gamescom)

Newly announced by Assemble Entertainment (the publisher that revived Larry last year), Encodya Is an adventure game that’s currently in development at Chaosmonger Studio. A classic point-and-click adventure with a cyberpunk theme, it’s scheduled for launch at the end of 2020. We took an early look at the game during Gamescom. Continue reading “Encodya preview (Gamescom)”

VASARA Collection review (Vita/PS4)

Developed and published by QUByte Interactive, the VASARA Collection brings two classic arcade shoot ‘em ups from Japan to the west for the first time. Vasara 1 and Vasara 2 are now out on a multitude of platforms including the Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch – but we’re reviewing it on the Playstation Vita and PS4. Continue reading “VASARA Collection review (Vita/PS4)”