Scarf review (PC)

It wasn’t that long ago that HandyGames announced Scarf, a puzzle platformer developed by Uprising Studios. We got our first look at the game during a press event back in September, and with a December 24 release date Scarf was the last pre-Christmas title we took a look at this year. It’s a PC exclusive at the moment, so we played it through Steam. Continue reading “Scarf review (PC)”

Port roundup: Unlimited 2, Serious Sam 4 & Puzzling Places

Three titles that we’ve reviewed in the past have recently resurfaced on other consoles. Here’s another look at Unlimited 2, Serious Sam 4 and Puzzling Places. Continue reading “Port roundup: Unlimited 2, Serious Sam 4 & Puzzling Places”

Port roundup: Twelve Minutes, Warhammer 40K: Battlesector & Transient (Extended)

We are looking at three titles that were recently ported over to additional platforms, as we look at one of our favorites this year in Twelve Minutes. We also check out Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector and Transient – Extended Edition. Continue reading “Port roundup: Twelve Minutes, Warhammer 40K: Battlesector & Transient (Extended)”

Smash Drums! review (Quest)

With AAA-experiences like Resident Evil 4 and Medal of Honor still a bit of a rarity on the Quest 2, rhythm-based games like Beat Saber and Ragnarock continue to be very popular for the platform. Like Ragnarock, Smash Drums takes the experience of drumming and uses it in a VR environment. Should you be picking this up as your next rhythm-based VR game? Continue reading “Smash Drums! review (Quest)”