Inside My Radio preview

Music, rhythm and platforming melt into one in the upcoming game Inside My Radio by Seaven Studios and TurboDindon. We caught up with Seaven producer and co-founder Olivier Penot during Gamescom and got some playing time in with an early version of the game as well.

Originally, Inside My Radio was a small project made for a Coding Jam competition by TurboDindon in 2012. Teaming up with Seaven Studios (known for the excellent indie hit Ethan: Meteor Hunter), they are now bringing an updated version of Inside My Radio to PCs everywhere.

Taking control of a little square-shaped character, you travel through a broken boombox in a quest to restore its functionality – and thus, the music that propels you forward during your quest. You do this by jumping, moving and slamming into obstacles – and all of this is done to the beat of the music. Miss a beat, and you’ll miss your jump – it’s that simple.

inside my radio

The game will feature three different musical styles, and a number of levels for each style. We played around with a demo version that features two of these styles, and it was fun to experience how a musical style affects the pace of play. Within a genre, the level design also offers up a good degree of diversity, as puzzles are mixed with straight up platforming and sections that are extremely rhythm/timing-based.

Comparisons with Beatbuddy are easy to make, so we asked Olivier Penot of Seaven Studios about this. And while the people at Seaven can see why people would make such a comparison, they also see some clear differences. The biggest one is that Beatbuddy is more forgiving than Inside My Radio when it comes to the timing/rhythm aspects of the game – and thus ‘playing to the music’ will play a larger role in Inside My Radio.

The team behind the game is focusing on delivering a medium-length game at first, making sure they have all the gameplay basics absolutely perfect before they start thinking about expanding with other gameplay modes. If the demo is anything to go by, they are on the right track – this could turn into a fun little rhythm-based platformer and we’re looking forward to the final game!

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