Endless Legend review (PC)

Every now and then we play games after they come out and regret not being able to cover them at release. For those lesser-known gems we like to do mini reviews and this weekend we’re looking at two of them. This time it’s Endless Legend’s turn.

Endless Legend

We actually had Endless Legend available for testing at launch, but wanted to do it justice and held back on doing a review at that time. Now that we’ve spent more time with it, it’s time to give this excellent strategy title its due.

Endless Legend is a strategy game of the 4X variety developed by Amplitude Studios, which previously developed Endless Space. To call Endless Legend a fantasy version of that game would be understandable, but you’d also be selling the game short. It may have some of the basic gameplay concepts in common with its celestial relative, but Amplitude has built a richly detailed fantasy universe for its game than can stand on its own.

endless legend

Central to this are the game’s eight races, each vying to dominate the other races and control the world of “Auriga”. Achieving this goal can be done in a number of ways, as is typical of a 4X game. You can set out to explore new areas and technologies and gain an upper hand that way, or you can go head first into war with the first race you encounter. Others may take the middle ground for a while before making drastic decisions, by using diplomacy to expand your influence while building your armies and developing new technologies.

These are gameplay elements than can be found in most games within the genre, and while Endless Legend doesn’t do much to innovate the genre or add tons of layers of depth, it ticks all the right boxes and it’s balanced very well. The real strength of the game lies in the depth that went into developing each one of the races, providing background lore for each and every one of them that’s both detailed and interesting. A similar level of care and detail went into the game’s visual representation and (the variety within) the design of its units.

Endless Legend is a wonderful strategy title that is certain to appeal to fans of 4X games who are also fond of the fantasy genre. Between this game and Age of Wonders III, the past few months have been very kind.

Score: 8.3/10

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