Clandestine first impressions (PC)

Clandestine is an upcoming co-op stealth adventure that is as unique in its approach as it is exciting. It’s in early access and at version 0.2 right now, but we’re hoping it will deliver on its promise.

Remember watching 24? Surely you remember the many scenes where Jack Bauer is in a bind and his only hope is Chloe, who has to remotely open a door or find him an alternate exit route. That’s more or less the kind of suspense that Clandestine developer Logic Artists is hoping to create in videogame form.


Clandestine’s premise deals with a two-man team looking to infiltrate high security locations. One character is a field agent, whereas the other backs him/her up using a variety of hacking tools. The game supports single player gameplay where you can switch between characters at the press of a button, but works best in a co-op multiplayer setting.

Playing by yourself, you lose that “come on, come on, hurry up!” feeling that creates so much excitement, so it will be interesting to see how the developers will tackle that in the months to come. However, the early version we played showed great promise with quite a bit of the core gameplay in place already. If done well, this could set a trend for stealth games for years to come.

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