Scram Kitty DX review (Vita)

Scram Kitty DX is a great little game with a fresh take on old concepts that’s delivered really well – a welcome addition to the PSN library.

Essentially a mix between an old school arcade shooter and a platform game, Scram Kitty DX’s levels provide you with a set path to follow in the shape of rails that swirl around the environment. As you move around and overcome obstacles by jumping, you also have to worry about taking out enemies that can come at you in larger and larger numbers as the game progresses. Controls are easy to learn and smooth when playing, but the game is still hard to master when things get more complicated.

Scram Kitty DX

It’s a simple core gameplay mechanic, but developer Dakko Dakko makes sure that new elements are introduced rather quickly to keep the game fresh and exciting. Aside from certain styles of jumping and obstacles, you’ll also find that the number of enemies gets ramped up considerably after a while. This makes for a challenging game and not the casual experience that you might have expected when looking at the title or some of the screenshots.

In that sense, Scram Kitty DX is very much an old school type of experience, with a simple concept but a large and increasingly challenging set of levels reminding us of what many arcade games were like back in the day. If you’re keen on that type of experience then be sure to pick this game up if you own a Vita – one of the best we’ve played and you won’t be sorry!

Score: 9/10

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