Wobbly Jungle review (PC)

Appearances can be deceiving, and this is definitely the case for Wobbly Jungle, developed by Iran-based developer Sourena. What looked like a quick playtest for a standard platformer turned into quite the hardcore challenge.

Looking at Wobbly Jungle from afar, it looks like a generic, cutesy indie platformer with cartoon-like visuals. In many ways it actually is, but Sourena has taken a different approach than most developers who opt for this style. Wobbly Jungle isn’t the casual fun type of platformer, it’s actually hard as nails pretty much from the start and only gets harder as you progress through the game’s 60 or so levels.

You’re probably thinking “Super Meat Boy”-clone right now, and in a way you’d be right. It’s still the golden standard for hardcore platformers, even though we’ve seen a couple of other good examples. Wobbly Jungle is a surprising newcomer, as we didn’t hear too much buzz leading up to the game’s release. The surprise is mostly a positive one though, as it’s a well-executed game.


There’s a bit of a social element in that you can see spots where others have died (as you pass them), as well as online ‘leaderboards’ that let you compare your scores to those of friends. And while the core gameplay isn’t as groundbreaking as some other games in the genre, and the level design isn’t as innovative as what we’ve seen in Super Meat Boy, Wobbly Jungle is certain to entertain fans of those other games.

The game manages to stay fresh throughout its entire campaign, and it does so by mixing up the skills and tactics you need to get through each level. While it may not be the most innovative title in the genre, it certainly isn’t rushed or generic, and it’s priced at a point where platforming fans should definitely take an interest – especially if you’re into the harder type of platformer.

Score: 7.1/10


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