Green Game: TimeSwapper review (Vita)

Green Game: TimeSwapper quickly evokes a sense of deja vu. It is the second game by developer iFun4all to hit the Vita, and the previous one wasn’t that long ago. Here’s our review.

iFun4all’s first Vita title was Red Game Without a Great Name, which we reviewed last year. Green Game: TimeSwapper is a direct sequel, and features remarkably similar visuals. The striking visual style of Red Game made it into TimeSwapper, with the obvious difference that backgrounds here are green instead of red. No surprise there.

For a short while, we figured this would be a carbon copy of iFun4all’s first game, complete with all its shortcomings. Luckily, despite looking awfully similar, Green Game has a different mechanic at its heart. You still have to make sure your lead character, a mechanical bird, reaches the finish line in each level. However, while you had to teleport your bird across the screen in Red Game, here you’re in control of time itself.

green game

The bird flies itself this time, and it’s your job to control time itself and make sure that the bird doesn’t get trapped or even killed by obstacles. It sounds complex, but a lot of the obstacles in your path are time-sensitive and not always “on” – so it’s your job to make sure they’re “off” as the bird passes them. Think of it as a door that automatically opens and shuts, and you want to control time so that it’s open just as your bird reaches the doorstep.

Green Game’s different approach actually works better on the Vita than Red Game’s teleporting did. In Red Game, the action was often frantic, and it was easy to blame the Vita’s small screen size when things went wrong. Green Game is much less hectic, and easier to control on the Vita’s small screen. That doesn’t make it a perfect game though – the action’s not always very exciting and its mobile roots are obvious – but at least it’s a slight improvement over the previous game. As with Red Game Without a Great Name – if you can get the iPad version then you’re probably better off with that edition, but it’s not a bad Vita game for those who enjoy playing touch-based puzzlers.

Score: 6.8/10

green game 2

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