The Banner Saga 2 review (Xbox One)

Stoic’s The Banner Saga 2 has come to Xbox One. While PC owners had to wait for quite a bit for the sequel to arrive, Xbox One gamers got the first game back in April and can now continue the saga in part 2.

That doesn’t mean they can wrap up the entire adventure though, since The Banner Saga is meant to be a trilogy. However, as with the PC version, your choices in the first game can carry over to the second one if you choose for them to do so. This is entirely optional so you’re free to start all over with part 2, but it’s a nice touch – feel free to read our PC review as well, which talks about this in more detail.

Most of what we said about the PC version holds true for the Xbox One edition of the game, but a console version usually brings a few changes as well and this is no exception. In terms of extra content, Xbox One gamers get an exclusive item that gives them a passive ability boost. On the other hand, the switch to console also means a switch from mouse to gamepad. This is where the PC version is still the best version to play, since the only issue we have with the Xbox One version is that the controls feel a tad less intuitive and more prone to errors than the mouse controls do.

Still, this isn’t nearly enough for us to stop recommending this game to Xbox One owners. On a system that isn’t known for its deep tactical rpg games, The Banner Saga 2 is a must-buy for fans who don’t have access to a gaming PC.



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