Buck preview (multi)

2D Metroidvania adventure Buck is quickly approaching its Kickstarter goal. With about a week and a half left, over 75% of the intended $30.000 has already been raised. Time to take a look at this upcoming title, scheduled for release in 2017.

What we know:

Buck is a motorcycle garage mechanic in a post-apocalyptic world who gets sucked into a story about a girl’s disappearance, and he’s intent on solving the mystery. Buck is also… a dog, as are a lot of the other characters in the game.

Buck can hand craft weapons, upgrade them and traverse a wasteland in which he fights off a host of other animal characters. His background as a mechanic helps him in this regard, but he can also collect loot along the way and interact with other characters – the game claims to be quite story-driven for a game in this genre.

What we saw:

We got to play an extended early version of the game, which is a bit longer than the demo version that’s available on steam. The most important thing for you to take from that, however…. is that you can play Buck as well by heading to http://store.steampowered.com/app/443890

What we thought: 

Buck’s pre-alpha version didn’t allow us to become fully immersed in the game’s story just yet, but what did strike us were the visuals. Not going for a 16 or even 8 bit look – which is what a lot of metroidvania games seem to be doing these days – Buck instead looks a bit like a Klei platformer. For those who don’t remember right away – they developed Shank and Mark of the Ninja, and Buck will surely appeal to fans of that aesthetic.

The game’s overall look and feel made us more than interested in seeing how the game will pan out over the next nine months or so, but why not check out the demo (above) or the game’s kickstarter page to get a feel for the game yourself:






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