It’s Quiz Time review (PS4)

It’s Quiz Time by Snap Finger Click aims to provide quiz-based multiplayer fun this holiday season, with an emphasis on local play but integration of twitch and YouTube functionality as well. We’re reviewing the PS4 version.

Developer Snap Finger Click’s previous PS4 title was “Act it Out!”, which also focused on (local) multiplayer gameplay where the console wasn’t the primary means to play but rather a supporting act. It’s Quiz Time follows a similar pattern, requiring players to download an app that was specifically designed for the game onto their tablet or smartphone. After that, your smart device of choice acts as a deluxe version of the classic Buzz controllers for the PS2/PS3 – with some added functionality to suit the game’s different modes.

The similarity to Buzz isn’t surprising as a number of the developers at Snap Finger Click are Buzz alums, but it also opens the door towards comparisons with those titles. In some regards It’s Quiz Time is a definite and innovative step forwards, but in others it feels slightly less polished.


To start with the latter, your host Salli isn’t quite the personality that Buzz! was back in the day. Voiced by an otherwise mostly impressive speech algorithm, Salli’s delivery is kind of dry and robotic. This is most likely due to the source material she uses, as It’s Quiz Time uses a database of questions that has over 25,000 of them. Having all of those voiced, with witty remarks to suit the occasion, would be a tremendous and costly task indeed.

Having over 25,000 questions isn’t necessarily a blessing per se, as some questions feel too alike and every so often you’ll get the same question more or less twice – just worded a little differently. These are just exceptions, but it shows a potential pitfall with a game of this magnitude.

That shouldn’t take anything away from the fact that It’s Quiz Time is a ton of fun to play, especially in local multiplayer when you have a couple of friends gathered around. Snap Finger Click did a good job looking at the success that the Jackbox games have had by adding different question and input methods, and have added their own flavor to it. This means that thanks to the versatility that the app offers over a traditional Buzz controller, you’ll get multiple question types that mix things up.


There’s a game type where one player gets to describe a topic using his personal screen while others have no way of seeing it. Other personalized approaches include the ability to wager on your fellow player’s ability to answer correctly, and host Salli does her best to approach players in a personal manner as well. Even though this is most strongly experienced at the very start (when creating an avatar and name), it’s a nice touch.

It’s Quiz Time can be played solo as well, but lacks the much of the fun that way. If you don’t have others around to join in, then online play is an option as well – with additional online modes promised by the developers. Online, using the power of streaming services like YouTube and Twitch, “It’s Quiz Time” plays more like a TV game show that you can either “host” or join. It’s a game mode I didn’t play with much myself, but one that shows immense promise for when the community decides to embrace it – with thousands of players potentially playing at once.

The game’s developer is also promising more (paid) content down the road, with extra event quizzes and features that’s also going to be made available through a season pass. We just hope they’re not just going to add more content though, but will also improve the game’s heart and soul – with better AI both in terms of the host’s personality and the phrasing/selection of the questions. It’s already a fun quiz experience well worth grabbing, but one with room for improvement.

Score: 7.0/10

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