Shooty Fruity review (PSVR)

Just before the holiday breaks, VR specialist developer nDreams is coming out with Shooty Fruity for Playstation VR. Here’s our look at the game.

When we met with nDreams earlier this year, we got to sample two of their upcoming games. One was the classic Double Dragon arcade-style brawler Bloody Zombies, which we reviewed earlier. The other game was much more focused on motion controls, and in a way that feels a little like rubbing your tummy with one hand while patting yourself on the head with the other. And I mean that in a fun way!

In Shooty Fruity, you work at a virtual grocery store, scanning items at the checkout aisle to make a living. This doesn’t get you through the average work day though, as the story is quickly and constantly overrun by fruit, “killer tomatoes”-style. Besides items to scan, you’ll also see various weapons glide along a conveyor belt above you, and you’ll need them to take out the fruit before they take you out.

shooty fruity

Weapons come with limited ammo, so you’ll need to replenish or toss them when you run out. You can’t just focus on shooting all of the killer apples, melons and grapes though – not doing your “regular” job would result in fewer weapons coming your way and that quickly turns into a losing proposition for you. My first few rounds of Shooty Fruity happened during Gamescom and while immediately accessible and fun – it was also apparent that this isn’t a casual case and things can get frantic quickly.

Luckily, practice makes perfect, and before long you’ll be grabbing and checking out items without even looking at them while lining up a shot to take out a giant man-sized watermelon with your other hand before it rolls into you. Some fruits go down easily but are hard to hit due to their size or movements, whilst others take several hits (depending on your weapon of choice) and could see you running out of ammo before they kick the bucket.

Diversity doesn’t just come in terms of fruit variety, but also in attack patterns. Some bounce at you, whilst others hurl themselves through the air. Luckily, your range of weapons is up to the task and you can upgrade your arsenal in between levels as well. Popping a few small bullets into a giant watermelon is fine, but he’ll keep coming at you. Switch to a grenade or shotgun, and you can almost picture him thinking “oh no….”.

shooty fruity3

Mastering the art of checking out items without looking isn’t enough though, because every level in Shooty Fruity has a different task for you to perform while shooting fruit and later ones can’t be done blindly either. This can include sorting the correct combinations of groceries into bags, so you’re going to be constantly alternating your view between your workstation and the oncoming hordes of zombie fruit.

Graphics are colorful and cartoon-like, which works extremely well with the lower resolutions that VR currently offers. The motion controls work extremely well too, though frustrations can arise when you fail to hit the smaller kinds of fruit even when you’re convinced your aim was fine. Could just be my aim though….

Shooty Fruity is one of the most fun wave/gallery shooters currently available for Playstation VR. It’s too bad there’s not more variety in the layout of the various game types to mix things up, but the combination of accessible shooting/multitasking fun with the challenge of perfecting your hand-eye coordination is addictive.

Score: 8.1/10

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