I and Me review (Vita)

Still supporting the Vita with a steady stream of new content, publisher Ratalaika has released I and Me as a new cross-buy title, which also gets you the Playstation 4 version of the game. It’s also getting an Xbox One release at the same time, and was previously ported to the Nintendo Switch after its initial PC release on Steam. Let’s see how it is on the Vita…

Developed by relatively unknown Chinese developer Wish Fang, I and Me is a puzzle platformer with a unique hook, although gamers who remember Kalimba (previously called Project Totem) by Press Play (no relation to us) will immediately spot a few similarities.

In I and Me, you control two furry cats at the same time, and your goal in each level is to get them both inside a little square frame – of which there are two per level. This starts out as easy as just pressing your thumbstick to the right, but pretty soon you’ll need to work with walls to make sure one cat moves while the other’s “stuck”, and you’ll be finding ways to position both cats strategically before moving them in unison.

I and Me

New elements, including enemies, are gradually introduced into the mix – making for more complex solutions and a need for strategic thinking. The game has close to 100 levels to play, which are divided into four thematic sections. They don’t signify radical changes in gameplay design, but rather offer up a different audiovisual theme. There are subtle new gameplay elements as well when you enter a new section (which resemble the four seasons), but the core gameplay of moving the two cats at once remains unchanged.

One feeling I couldn’t shake was that I and Me feels like a simplified version of Kalimba, which gives you control over two pieces of a totem pole that have to work together. Kalimba offered more variation in its gameplay design, bigger and more elaborate levels, and a more striking audiovisual design to boot.

I and Me3

The levels in I and Me are rarely much bigger than a single screen, the music and visuals are soothing more than anything, and with a lack of variation (and in most levels, a serious challenge) the gameplay can get a little repetitive if you happen to be playing more than a dozen levels at a time. And yes, I still enjoyed my time with I and Me on the Vita – a platform that never got Kalimba. The game has an endearing quality about it, from the cute visuals to the gentle narrative style. Each level starts with a line of narrative context, and you can find parchments in every third or fourth level as well. They’re a little harder to reach, but hard to resist – especially for completionists.

Enjoyable also because of responsive controls, I and Me is a fun little puzzle platformer for the Vita. With close to 100 levels there is plenty of content, although there is little in the way of replay value. There are better and more challenging puzzlers out there on the Vita, but this one is certainly “pleasant”. The game’s price tag’s a little more than Ratalaika’s norm, but you’re also getting more bang for your buck. When I received a trophy for just starting the game I thought “here we go, another 30 minute game” – but it’ll take you a few hours to get through the entire game and the rest of the trophies don’t come as easy. A tougher fit on consoles because of a lack of standout features and more competition (from the likes Kalimba), this is another good addition to the Vita library.

Score: 7.0/10

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