Planet Zoo South America Pack DLC review (PC)

Frontier has released their second post-release DLC pack for Planet Zoo, this time focusing on South America. How does it compare to their first expansion, the Arctic pack?

Now that a lot of real life zoos are on lockdown, I’ve been enjoying people’s creations in Planet Zoo, using them to show our kids some of the creatures they’re missing out on while staying indoors. It’s been a fun diversion, so I was looking forward to the new South America pack from Frontier that was just released.

It features five new animals that are native to the continent of South America, with the llama being an instant favorite. Fans of big cats can now use jaguars as well, and the little capuchin monkeys are definitely fun to watch as well. The last two animals are great to look at, but aren’t as dynamic – the red-eyed tree frog and the giant anteater are beautiful creatures, but live slow-paced lives.

planet zoo - south america pack3

Something that’s sorely missing from the new pack are exciting scenarios to play through – something the Arctic pack did have. There, a challenge was to make sure your cold-loving friends felt comfortable while living in a zoo in a warmer climate, which brought all kinds of dilemmas with it. The South America pack doesn’t have anything like that, and just wants you to have fun with what it offers.

Besides a handful of animals, that is mainly a big new collection of building blocks that allow you to put down new buildings and scenery items. I’ve always started with the animals first and started building from there, so I’ve never built much with cosmetic concerns in mind, but those who enjoy that kind of thing should certainly be able to use what’s on offer here. I can imagine that, especially when using the Aztec/Maya-style features that are available, you can create some amazing looking displays that make visitors feel like they’re in the middle of a forgotten jungle.

For me personally, however, the pack doesn’t as much value as the Arctic pack did. I tend to use and re-use the same scenery bits and pieces that work for me, so I’m too much of a functional zoo keeper to enjoy the many new cosmetic choices. I like my practical challenges, and the South America pack wasn’t designed around those like the first pack was. Still, I think I’ll be diving back in soon to see what people have created with everything new that’s on offer. Maybe it’ll inspire me to create my very own Indiana Jones-inspired zoo exhibit.

planet zoo - south america pack2

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